Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch: A Detailed Review and Comparison

Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 7:39 PM IST

As the world migrates increasingly towards mobile usage for digital needs, the choice of the ideal browser becomes crucial.

Developed by Opera Software, Opera Mini and Opera Touch are two browsers at the heart of this mobile-first approach, each providing a unique browsing experience catered to different user requirements. But which one is right for you?

In our review of Opera Mini vs Opera Touch, we break down the differences and similarities, helping you make the best choice for your needs.

About Opera Touch: What Is Opera Touch?

Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch

Launched in April 2018, Opera Touch has been tailored to cater to the exponential growth in mobile browsing, offering an exclusive web experience unlike any other mobile browser.

Known for its intuitive design and swift web search interface, the browser has won over many users and even bagged the Red Dot Communication Design Award 2018 for its modernistic user interface.

The signature Fast Action Button, located conveniently at the screen’s base, allows users to effortlessly navigate search, bookmarks, and tabs with a single thumb movement.

An additional feature, the Flow technology, allows users to share content instantaneously between their mobile and desktop Opera browsers.

Opera Touch: Features and Use-Interface

Opera Touch, with its captivating range of features, has significantly set itself apart from its counterparts. Let’s discuss its distinctive features:

  • Swift as a Gazelle: Instant Search: As soon as you open the browser, it’s ready to cater to your search queries. Start typing, scan a QR code, or voice out your search; Opera Touch is all ears!
  • One-Touch Wonder: Fast Action Button (FAB): Always at your service, this button opens the doors to instant search, recent tabs, and smooth browser navigation.
  • Bridging the Gap: Seamless Connection with Opera Desktop Browser: You can sync Opera Touch with your Opera computer browser for a smooth transition across devices.
  • Your Guard: Ad Blocking and Cryptocurrency Mining Protection: Opera Touch ensures your browsing is free from unwanted ads and potential crypto-jacking threats.
  • Opera Touch Background: This feature allows users to communicate between devices using Opera browsers, for instance, mobile Opera Touch and desktop Opera browsers.
  • Night Owl Friendly: Dark Theme: A dark theme option is available for those who prefer browsing in low-light conditions.

Opera Touch Background: What Should You Know?

The Opera Touch Background, a built-in extension, acts as the bridge for communication between the Opera Touch mobile browser and the Opera desktop browser.

Although crucial to the operation, this component remains invisible to users on the Extensions page and cannot be disabled via the browser’s settings or flags.

Opera Touch: Pros and Cons

Every product has strengths and weaknesses, and Opera Touch is no exception. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this browser:

One-handed browsing with Fast Action Button (FAB)More data-heavy than Opera Mini
Intuitive and user-friendly interfaceNot tailored for low-end devices
Built-in ad blocker and safeguards against cryptocurrency miningLacks a few advanced features present in some competing browsers
Seamless integration with Opera desktop browser via the My Flow featureCross-device syncing available only with the Opera desktop browser
Dark theme for comfortable low-light browsing

Is Opera Touch Good?

Opera Touch has garnered steady positive reviews for its user-centric design, speedy browsing, and trailblazing features. It’s a lightweight browser with a beautiful user interface and robust privacy features, making it a superb choice for anyone seeking a speedy, secure, and seamless browsing experience on their mobile devices.

So, if you are considering Opera Touch, you should go for it as it has all the ingredients that make an ideal mobile browser. However, if you are still confused, read the full Opera Touch review.

About Opera Mini: What Is Opera Mini?

About opera mini

Opera Mini launched years ago, is renowned for its efficiency, geared towards low to mid-range devices. It stands out with its impressive data-saving capabilities, ensuring fast and reliable browsing even with limited resources.

Opera Mini: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Opera Mini that you should know before using it:

Light on resources and quickLacks advanced features found in Opera Touch
Data-saving mode for efficiencyNot optimized for high-performance devices
Performs seamlessly on low to mid-range devices
Comes with an ad-blocking feature

Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch: A Comparison

Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch comparison
TopicOpera MiniOpera Touch
Resource UsageLight on resources and quick, suitable for low to mid-range devicesMore data-heavy, not optimized for low-end devices
EfficiencyHas a data-saving mode that optimizes browsingLacks a data-saving mode and is thus less efficient
Ad-BlockingComes with an ad-blocking featureAlso incorporates an ad-blocker
Advanced FeaturesLacks some advanced featuresHas a Fast Action Button (FAB) for one-handed browsing and safeguards against cryptocurrency mining
Device SuitabilityOptimized for low to mid-range devicesBest suited for high-performance devices
UI DesignNot specifically mentionedAppreciated for its user interface design
IntegrationDoes not facilitate seamless integration with the Opera desktop browserFacilitates seamless integration with the Opera desktop browser via the My Flow feature
Cryptocurrency SafeguardNot availableOffers safeguards against cryptocurrency mining

Opera Touch APK Download: How to Get Opera Touch on Your Android

Opera Touch APK Download

Opera Touch is designed for simplicity and ease of use, and this begins from the very moment you decide to install it. Here’s how you can get it:

Step #1: Find the Source

Android users can download the Opera Touch APK from third-party app stores like APKPure or Uptodown. Here are links to download Opera Touch APK:

Step #2: Hit the Opera Touch Download Button

Now download Opera Touch APK by tapping the download button, and the APK file will be downloaded to your phone storage.

Step #3: Install the Opera Touch APK

Go to Settings => Security => Enable Unknown Sources. This process is required to allow permission to install an app downloaded from third-party app stores.

Once it’s done, find the APK file in File Explore and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Step #4: Begin Browsing

Once installed, jump straight into browsing. Use the Instant Search feature or scan QR codes to navigate the web.

How to Use Opera Touch?

Now that you know the Opera Touch download process and what is Opera Touch, let’s discuss how to use it. Using Opera Touch is a straightforward process.

  1. Once installed, tap the Opera Touch icon on your device’s home screen to launch the app.
  2. Surf the Web:
  • Unlike Opera Mini, Opera Touch immediately presents an accessible address bar upon launching.
  • Simply type a URL or search query in the address bar and press enter to begin browsing.
  1. Access Tabs:
  • While on a website, scrolling upwards will uncover a button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on this button to access other tabs or to initiate a new one. This feature, known as the ‘Fast Action Button,’ allows for easy one-handed browsing.

How to Connect Opera Touch with Opera Desktop Browser

  1. Opera Touch offers seamless integration with the Opera desktop browser via the ‘My Flow’ feature. To use this, both your mobile device and desktop must have the Opera browser installed.
  2. On your mobile device, go to settings in Opera Touch and find ‘My Flow.’
  3. Turn on ‘My Flow’ and follow the prompts to connect your device to your Opera desktop browser.
  4. Once connected, you can share links, videos, notes, and files between your devices with ease.


Opera Mini is an excellent choice for devices that fall under the mid-range and lower categories. Its primary focus lies in optimizing data usage and conserving resources, ensuring speedy, consistent performance across various smartphone types.

On the other hand, Opera Touch is a browser crafted for premium smartphones and tablets. Its distinctive selling point lies in its modernistic user interface and functionality, geared towards one-handed operation.

Also, if you have an interest in checking out detailed reviews of other apps that aligns with your interest then you can consider our in-depth app reviews here.

Opera Mini Vs Opera Touch: Which Browser Should You Use?

The choice between Opera Mini and Opera Touch comes down to individual requirements and device capabilities. If you own a low or mid-range device or have a limited data plan, Opera Mini is your best bet.

However, if you have a high-end device and prefer a single-handed browsing experience with advanced features, Opera Touch wins hands down, and you can easily download Opera Touch APK.


Is Opera Touch better than Opera?

The answer depends on your specific needs. Opera Touch caters to high-end devices and users who prefer single-handed browsing with advanced features. In contrast, Opera Mini is more suitable for low to mid-range devices or users with limited data plans.

Is Opera Touch Safe?

Absolutely, Opera Touch is safe to use. It offers built-in ad-blocking and cryptocurrency mining protection to enhance user privacy and security.

What Is Opera Touch Background?

The Opera Touch background is an internal (built-in) extension facilitating communication between the Opera Touch mobile browser and the Opera desktop browser.

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